ChelseaGREEN Sponsors Vendetta Racing at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Designed and built in the UAE, the ergonomically designed land speed bike will attempt to break two world records!

Dubai-based furniture supplier ChelseaGREEN is proving its passion for ergonomics by sponsoring a unique and supremely efficient custom-built bike about to race in the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. Taking place on the 24th-29th August 2024, the annual land speed racing event is held at the historic Bonneville salt flats in Utah, USA.

The motorcycle was designed and built from scratch in the UAE by Vendetta Racing Founder and rider Alan Boyter with the aim of travelling 200 mph in a straight line. Achieving this feat would see Alan break two FIM land speed world records for the two-cylinder 1000cc class, and with such an ambitious speed goal, ergonomics was fundamental in its development.
One of the most noticeable aspects of the ergonomic bike is that the rider lies face down in a prone position with his torso on the seat, rather than being upright. The bike sits low to the ground to minimise wind drag and its measurements have been meticulously matched to the rider.

Discussing the design, Vendetta Racing Founder Alan Boyter explained: “Motorcycle ergonomics are an important part of the riding experience, influencing comfort, performance and control. There are standard guidelines for fitting a motorcycle to its rider; the better they fit together, the more efficient they are, and the faster they can go. However, different types of racing, require different bike shapes and different body positioning. Here, our priority wasn’t comfort but speed, which is significantly enhanced by lying flat. Building the bike has taken over two years, with various modifications along the way. Now we can’t wait to put it to the test out in Utah.”

Jennie Stallings, Partner at ChelseaGREEN added: “Ergonomic design underpins our commitment to creating wellness-focused spaces, and while it’s usually associated with the workplace, it also has many fascinating applications outside of the office. This is what excited us about Vendetta Racing’s record-breaking goal – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through ergonomics. We wish the team a great Speed Week.”

Vendetta Racing is the largest privately owned motorcycle racing team in the Gulf, and the most successful. Created in 2007, it flies the UAE flag in a host of regional and global championships. The team’s experiences designing and building the bike, and the upcoming race are being featured in a documentary premiering at the 2024 Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival. It will then be listed in various international film competitions, before being released globally.

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