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Common Office Furniture Errors – Part 1

  The way our work environment is set up has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. Workplace design has evolved rapidly over recent years, with more companies recognising the importance of creating a healthy and productive environment for staff. Yet, we still see the same mistakes repeated, and often, it’s the small (most cost-effective) things that can make a big difference.   Monitor arms   We regularly get asked to recommend task chairs for new projects. The client will sit, adjust, analyse, and

Adapting to changing industry needs

  Alan McDonald, Chelsea Green founder and general manager   Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll know that the buzzword for 2020 was agility. Even before the phrase ‘global pandemic’ tripped off the tongue, the willingness and ability to adapt has always set the best businesses apart.   At Chelsea Green, we’ve worked hard to become an integrated partner rather than a traditional furniture dealer or distributor, and that’s why it was time to create a new model that reflected this approach.   Commission, consolidation, and communication In the